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Top 7 Free Phone Contacts Backup Apps

Mobile Phone is very important to all of us nowadays, and you might encounter these Contacts problem:

a). Lost Contacts due to system crashed or system update failed.
b). Delete Contacts by accident.
c). Phone was stolen and you lost the Contacts.
d). Phone dropped into toilet or water and it's dead.

Phone Contacts Backup

Don't be regret to backup your contacts before you face such a disaster. And here is a list of Top 7 free contacts backup app for Apple iPhone, Android Phone or Blackberry with step by step guides. Feel free to recommend to your friend if you think the list is useful.

1. Gmail - For Android

Both Gmail and Android are developed by Google. It's really convenient to backup your Android phone contacts with Gmail. If you log in your Android phone with your Gmail account, your phone contacts should be backup automatically. Here are steps to check that:

Step 1. Log in your Gmail account on computer.
Step 2. In the upper left corner under the Google logo press where it says Gmail and choose Contacts.
Step 3. Here you will see all the contacts backup by Gmail. You can use the Export option to backup your Contacts to computer as CSV/Vcard file, screen as follow. Remember where the file you save in, you will need it to recover your accounts in future.

Backup Contacts with Gmail

And here are steps to recover contacts from Gmail to your Android phone. Please make sure you have enable the "Sync Contacts" function on your Android Phone. If not, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Setting of your Android phone, scroll to Accounts and select Google.
Step 2. Under the Accounts should be your Gmail address. Select it and verify that “Sync Contacts” is checked.

Now let's start the guide to recover contacts by Gmail

Step 1. Log in your Gmail account, Click the arrow next to Gmail in the top left corner and choose Contacts.
Step 2. Click on the More button choose "Import".
Step 3. From the pop-up menu select “Choose File” and select the CSV/Vcard file.where you save in your computer.
Step 4. Select "Import", that's all. The contacts will be uploaded to the Gmail account registered to the device.

2. Mobiletrans - For iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Nokia

Mobiletrans is my favorite phone backup software. It's not only work for contacts, but also photos, messages, music, videos and more. Here are the steps to backup and restore your phone files with Mobiletrans:

Step 1. After you download and install the Mobiletrans on your computer, launch it.

Select Mobiletrans Mode

Step 2. Connect your phone to computer with the USB cable. Select "Back Up Your Phone" mode. The software will recognize your phone automatically as follow:

Backup and Restore Contacts with mobiletrans

Step 3. Select the files you want to backup and click "Start Copy". It will ask you where you want to save the Backup file, please remember where you save the file, you will need it to recover your phone file.

Step 4. Restore Phone contacts: In the step 2 above, select the "Restore From Backups" mode, select the backup file and click "Start Copy", the software will recover files from computer to your phone automatically.

3. Titanium Backup - For Android

If your Android phone is rooted, titanium backup is the best app to backup and restore your phone contacts. It can backup apps and data as well. This would be useful to keep your game progress. Here are the steps to use Titanium Backup.

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store and find Titanium Backup, download and install it. And then launch the app.

Step 2. Select “Backup data to XML”. Because we are going to backup Contacts, so select the "Contacts". You can backup SMS, Call Log, Wi-Fi data as well.

Titanium Contacts backup

Step 3. Save the backup file as XML format to your memory card.

Step 4. To restore the contacts, launch Titanium Backup, go to Menu and select " Restore data from XML ", locate the XML file you backup in step 3. Then the app will restore your Contacts automatically.

4. Carbon - For Android

If you don't want to root your Android phone, Carbon is a good app to backup and restore your phone contacts. After you install the app on your phone, launch it. You will see two options: "Backup" and "Restore and Sync". Tap the "Backup" tab, select "Contact" to backup it. The backup file could be save to your SD card or PC. To restore contacts back to phone. Just tab the "Restore and Sync" and find the backup file, click "Resore", that's all.

Carbon Contacts backup

5. InTouchApp - For iPhone and Android

InTouchApp is a good contacts manage to backup and restore your contacts. It's available on iOS and Android. Your contacts’ information will stay updated automatically so you never have to worry about your contacts again. The software is simple, even you are technology challenger can handle it.

intouchapp Contacts backup

To Backup Contacts: Just install InTouchApp on your phone and login with your own InTouchID, that's all. IntouchApp will automatically backup your contacts.

To Restore Contacts: Launch the App on your phone and login with your own ID, InTouchApp will automatically recover contacts back to your phone.

6. iCloud - For iPhone

iCloud is the best and free app to manage your iPhone contacts, it's an official cloud service from Apple. You have 5GB space for free. Why not use it to backup and restore your iPhone contacts?

To Backup iPhone Contacts:
Step 1. Go to your iPhone setting and tab the "iCloud".
Step 2. Ensure that the Contacts toggle is set to On.
Step 3: If an iCloud backup has never been made before, go to "Storage & Backup" from the bottom of the interface. Turn on the "iCloud Backup".

To Restore iPhone Contacts:
Step 1. Go to your iPhone setting and tab the "iCloud".
Step 2. Turn On the option for Contacts — if it's already on, turn it off and then back on again to trigger a re-download.

Backup contacts with iCloud

Step 3. You will be asked what to do with existing contacts, choose the Delete option. Then iCloud will restore contacts from iCloud serve back to your iPhone. Please make sure your iPhone internet connection is accessible. After the sync is finished, you can launch the Contacts app to verify all your contacts.

7. IDrive Lite - For iPhone, Android and Blackberry

IDrive Lite is a good contacts backup software for mobile phone, it backup your contacts to cloud so you don't have to worry about losing contacts. It’s absolutely free and easy to use.

Step 1. After you install iDrive Lite to your phone, launch it. Tap the "Backup" tab on the bottom of the screen, and then click "Backup" botton. The app will backup all your contacts automatically.

Backup contacts with iDrive Lite

Step 2. If you want to restore the contacts, just tap the "Restore" tab. Here you can restore all of your contacts or just restore the contacts you want.